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Evaluating 2012

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In the eve of the New Year we all revise the last 12 months and make plans for the future.

2012 was the year I and my colleagues have received our B.Sc. on Computer systems and technologies diplomas. Even thought practical experience is crucial, the workplace will not teach you about the things that can be learned in the university. John William Gardner, one of the most thoughtful leadership “gurus”, lists what university stands for:

  • things that are forgotten in the heat of the battle;
  • values that get pushed aside in the rough and tumble of everyday living;
  • the goals we ought to be thinking about and never do;
  • the facts we don’t like to face;
  • the questions we lack the courage to ask.

In 2012 I have changed my job. I have applied for my first job from a recommendation of a friend of mine and it turned out not to be the place people speak about. As employee you give as much as you work but the evaluation of your work is in the hands of your employer. Let me warn you that taking steps to apply for a job in a company you have left and even eventually accepting a job offer from that company will send an unequivocal message that according to you that company offered you the industrie’s leading evaluation of your profession. Changing my job turned out to be a big career shift which have significantly broadened my horizons, of course have increased my incomes and helped me to better understand the needs of the clients and how the technology and the client needs come together.

The blog post about job interview tips have gained huge success in 2012. It is remarkable how many readers you can reach with a single blog post when you use a simple language and provide examples. The people’s job interview experience has changed for better.

The most valued skill in 2012 was the ability to work with little and even with no supervision. This skill has been valued and will be valued as a defining characteristic of leaders on every level. From a resources consumption point of view supervision is the most expensive thing after employer compensation (at least in a statistically average company) and, therefore, employees which can work with fewer supervision are generating higher profit.

I would like to use this high stage to thank my parents, my mother Vartuhi and my father Avedis, and my younger brother Hagop for their unconditional support during the past year. The family is the most important thing. My success is because of their indispensable support. I have achieved so much because of their faith in me, which is being confident in things they do not understand and do not see. Your support, Vartuhi, Avedis and Hagop, made me what I am.


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December 25, 2012 at 15:57

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