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Facebook and Internet Addiction

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Facebook is a web site providing users with the functionality to communicate with virtually declared friends (other Internet users). Facebook communication is remarkable as it provides many interactions like Wall, Pictures, Groups, Causes, Messages, Chat, 3-rd Party Social Game interaction, and so on.

Friendship communications are not request-response like, but rely on a deeper and even nonverbal level of mutual understanding.

People spend enormous amount of time in Facebook. They sign in for no reason and stay logged in the network and randomly browse friends’ profiles and the profiles of their friends.

Internet addiction is caused by the feature of technology to react fastly and most of the cases correctly to user commands. I think that people love to control.

It is the opinion of the overwhelming body of scholars that spending too much time in doing anything goal-oriented in internet social network Facebook or in other social network interactions (like in blog rolls) will lead the subject to issolation.


Written by garabedyan

October 30, 2010 at 18:03

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