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Context-powered (social wisdom of the crowd) tagging

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When a registered user decides to tag something with some terms, the systems asks to compare shared tags between the new source and recently added such by the same user or by his friends. By friendship the system understand users with similar tagging of one material or friends through social networking service like Facebook, or both.

Tags are not simply statements like “This ‘url’ material is ‘tag-term1’, ‘tag-term1’ and ‘tag-term3′”, but are used as “This ‘url’ material is ‘tag-term’ more than ‘url-already-tagged1’, ‘url-alreday-tagged2’ and few than ‘url-already-tagged3’, ‘url-already-tagged4′”. Every tagging term can be used as a comparison between materials.

Presenting users with social encouraging analyzes of common understandings on topics and what their friends have tagged enables a unique way to make new friendships and understand more about your friends.

This way tags can become context-oriented and gain meaning with more of their usage like Semantic web RDF terms which are pre-defined by definition.

Browsing tagged content can give the system more about the characteristics of the user in relation with the registered users tagged the content and the friends of the letter. This gives an ultimate way to determine which ad to present.

I have red a paper on Foundations and Technologies of The Semantic Web in 5th National Student Scientific-Technical Conference in city of Sozopol (Bulgaria, Europe), 27-30 September, 2009. On the letter I have presented a comparison between semantic web and the so-called wisdom of the crowd stuff.

This was inspired by the answers I have received to my questions in this event.


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