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How to determine is an Wikipedia article trustworthy

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I have red and I have tested a new tool called WikiDashboard ( which uses the live feed of English Wikipedia and presents a summary about the editors and what amount of information in percents they have wrote in a particular English Wikipedia article. The tool and the idea based on how people collaborate is awesome.

I have a single appeal to add the functionality enabling to mark a piece of a wiki page and query who is the author of it and since when is the current revision of the marked content. I was always dreaming for a tool to synthesize the revision history of a marked piece of a document, but this is still a complicated task in general. Wikipedia content is filled not only with characters in general, but with tags (i.e. <ref></ref> for citing Internet or other resource as a used source) and other special formatting markers, examining their behavior through the revisions is an important base of determining how to present the changes (differences) in the revisions.


Written by garabedyan

February 6, 2009 at 20:12

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