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I have discussed some visions about the future of e-Commerce in Zoho Creator and the Future of the Commercial Web. Now I express more concrete and clear vision on this future trends.

I offer to be created a centralized mediator between the service/ product provider and the Internet user searching for it. This centralized mediator is supposed to handle the contract between the parties which is about goods and payments in general. Having the initiative on the side of the Internet user who is searching for the best offer about a certain product/ service, the mediator lets him to describe it and presents the closest found offers. The mediator stores all the presented products in a data base.
The seller can present his offers in deep and even participate real time discussion (not in any case with a human but with a machine of course). Using constant prices, in order to implement dynamic market strategy to set prices in formulas (with if-then-else statements) with parameters the week days, hours, made contracts until by the account of the seller, marketing indexes, behavior of the other elements in the market and so on. For specific clients using SOA (WSDL) capability to its own Internet connected computer for a more specific negotiation.
The buyer can search through this data using a special custom search engine. He can analyse and compare the offers and find the most liked offer meeting his needs.
The systems keeps a log of every offer change and a real- time discussion on a product made through the letter.

This is technologically implementable due to a discrete offering abilities for the sellers are presented by the user interface in order to ensure the ability of the records to be searched and compared.

This will give much benefits from its implementation and public presentation, it can make customers to compare many different products and vendors. People have always asked themselves which is the cheapest product of this kind and which is the most expensive.

I like to mention that there is a company Branchnext which implements a similar policy while developing his social web searching service Yotify. Next their cool functionality of saving your product price and notifying you when it reaches your wish, Yotify contacts with web sites not by crawling thier content but trying to present it the way the information want to distribute his information.


Written by garabedyan

October 10, 2008 at 19:33

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