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Finding relevance information in web pages

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With HTML table understanding (Querying Tables in the Web), table recognition when letter not described in HTML table tags or when the source is an image (future research task) and Semantic web technologies all the information linking to relevant information in other Internet documents or in the current one is computable. This way many new techniques of web searching and Internet distribution can be presented.

Small screened devices are unable to present web page content which is designed to be viewed in large screen monitors. Using relevance finding technology, a web page can be broke down in a few hierarchical categories in respect of the most relevant pieces of information in the page.

Such approach can be applied to more than page links and result in a graph-like map of pages connected by their links. Like page-rank, technology of Google, web page links can be traced and presented in a map with snippets of the links’ content. Enabling the user to delete some of the pages part of the map because of their irrelevance can power the user with a map tool which can store all the information on a certain topic. This approach can be trustful while page-rank technology on the base of links is improved.


Written by garabedyan

October 10, 2008 at 16:34

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