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Social feature in Universal Search can become a powerful feedback

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I want to present the possibility of letting people with close search queries to meet each other in order to discuss the topic they explore.

While using search engines people often are not satisfied with the presented results so they change the query by adding new words, removing some words, changing their order and so on. In Google developers wanted to understand when users are not satisfied with the results and if not to focus more work on this particular search spaces, but unfortunately people do not claim in any way that they haven’t found what they wanted, they just leave Google.

I think that by letting people with similar queries to meet each other in real time through the search engine service will give the needed feedback for the managers of the searching engine and will let users to speak with each others about their search and do in their own way to guess new more precise queries. Executing the newly guessed queries have to be made by the only one collaborator but all the users to see the results (idea is related to Virtual world as a place to meet and interact with people on web page).


Written by garabedyan

August 11, 2008 at 10:56

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