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Migrate E-mail conversation to a Wiki

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E-mail conversations as wiki pages are able to be edited by every collaborator in the discussion (mailing). Avoid long conversations kept in many messages, but keep all the important things in one place, and in the same time save all the revisions (every expression of though during the process of collaboration) in a more accessible and easy (user-friendly) way.

Initiator of a collaboration
can Read&Write (R&W) the wiki
can give R&W access, can take back R&W or W only access

can only Read
as everyone else can receive Write access by someone who has such access

People can invite themselves to collaborate. But only the initiator has an administrative rights to kick someone out from the wiki.

A new way to migrate from the old mail style to the new Enterprise 2.0 with all the additional social networking tools based on this new way.
Installed onto a web based mail system, which can connect to your old mail message box and present its content to you as a conversation wikis.

Mail conversation consists of 2 /two/ atoms:

  1. Revision of a mail message (negotiation). Adding, erasing, editing mail content. A concrete discussion on the work

  2. General conclusion, advise, mark, note. Mostly used by bosses and leaders which present the future of the project.

1-> collaboration is made by repeating, declaring agreement or disagreement, not commenting (passive) (often by a boss who says which are the next steps to take only)

Agreement is an independent view of the user and is related to revision of the agreement content. Like a post in a forum.

A new wiki feature:

Added on 25 Aug 2008: provides wiki in dashboard creation from e-mails. There is a deeply thinked policy behind this product feature. You receive an e-mail and if you want to share it with your team, just e-mail it on the dashboard (custom created mail address which automatically transmits the received data to the dashboard) and a new wiki page is created in it presenting collaborators in the team ability to edit and comment on this newly created wiki page. After the work is done you collect their work where and by whatever technology it have to be send.


Written by garabedyan

May 26, 2008 at 10:23

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