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Chess: The enemy’s advise

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While playing chess, the players think for their victory in tendency.

Sometimes they offer advises each other. It is not a right move to accept their advises.

The enemies’ advise is always a prediction of his victory. It can’t be otherwise. The enemy doesn’t think in deep about your best moves (and he can’t do so, in order to do it he should start doing it from the begging of the game), he thinks about his best moves and in this scenario he can give you an advise about your best move. When you accept the offered move from the enemy you just agree with his scenario of the game. In psychology aspect you accept that he thinks better moves than you and you just stop thinking. At this moment the enemies chances to win are more than yours.

You should ignore the advise and all its motivations and profs which claim that this is the best move for you. Actually you have to surprise him with a move by which to make him lose his intentions. When your enemy starts mixing feelings with discrete chess predictions he is not only vulnerable by your’s good chess moves, but vulnerable by your body language as an expression of your feelings (he is scared of the unawareness, he denies to use only his gaming skills in order to predict it), too.


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May 5, 2008 at 16:44

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