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New O.S. based on Mashups

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Mashups, a small applications which communicate between each other, are very powerful. XHTML is so standard and this enables mashups to communicate in a very high level of data integrity. Web is going to be a new Operating system which operates extremely powerful with abstract data.

WWW like an Operating System. SOA in the presentation level
On this post, I have expressed an idea of using JavaScript Script Tag Hack (as Douglas Crockford calls it here: as a transport pack of data. I have added some additional thoughts about applying SameOrigin Policy to SRC attributes of SCRIPT tags and proving a document space to them which is the only XHTML content they can read/write. (one XHTML content can be read/write by scripts, but this JSs can’t access space beyond their defined).

Now I have worked on this idea, and I upgraded it.

I will explain it by an example:
domain SomeDomain adds to its DOM tree:
<dynamicJavaScript src=”different domain main JS applicaiton file” onError=”SomeDomain JS function to handle the problem HTMLspace=”document.App1.Space” jsInterfaceToCommunicate=”SomeDomain JS class which tells serves some wishes loading app needs like accessing general JS functions (alert, confirm and so on), SomeDomain communication between apps on the platform and so on” id=”app1“>

dynamicJavaScript tag can has additional events like: onLoad, onExit

The JS code loaded in document.App1.Space will not be able to access different DOM space, neither reading something different, nor writing somewhere else.
Stopping execution of this kind of JS codes can be able so: app1.stop();

JS code loaded in dynamicJavaScript tag is free to execute XMLHttpRequest-s to its domain. It is free to use its HTML space (which is granted in the dynamicJavaScript tag parameter) as he wants to without any interruption. It is actually an HTML page running like in IFrame, but with the ability to connect with the rest system and this way exchange data, call functions and so through a secure line and when it is expressed it will happen only with the permission of the both sides of JS apps.

If any of this attributes is not set, it is treated as a sign of enabling open access. Behaving like nowadays mashups.


Written by garabedyan

March 31, 2008 at 11:11

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  1. […] go next to your friend, point some paragraph of it, create a abstract virtual model (with some mashup tools, i.e. drawing apps) of what the paragraph was about, step by step as the text explains (and all […]

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