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Extreamly Powerful SOA Task Manager in Smart Mobile Phones

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Popular task managers are oriented to remembering tasks according to previously set date and time of reminding.

In real life people are engaged in tasks with not strict scheduled time of start and end. Many time people have to consider with their place in the city right now, about the city traffic in this moment and so on.

Thing are too complicated in order to be done in one moment. Why don’t we use Business Intelligence and SOA?

Imagine a Task Manager which runs on GPRS mobile phone. This software can establish a connection to the business server and retrieve information about the workers which work around the user and understand is there something important which is suitable for him.

Just like Twitter, the user will be free to enter information about his job at the moment before starting doing it and this way to inform all his chiefs, the workflow (Business intelligence) software and co-workers.

Desktop Computers are too old for the business, now people start from the web (which is its own SOA OS). Desktop is useful for many things, but not for business, which is fast.

It is crucial to enable mobile phone applications to react on events. Do you know a general interface between the cell phone OS and every application, by which interface the application can declare interest on some events, and when they occur, the application to be informed. It is not energy efficient to have many applications running at same time and each of them to ask periodically about possible changes (events). Mobile Phone have to use hardware to restrict when something get changed, and when it changes a call to be made to the OS, not only rising a flag.


About the idea expressed in the last paragraph:

We know that mobile phones need to run J2ME in order to execute any java application. Now are modern, not java applets and applications, but widgets, which are placed in desktops as small apps.

Imagine that widgets are written in JavaScript, imagine that you can run such a widget on your cell phone.

How does it happen?

I introduce you Mozilla Prism, which is an application which tries to splits web applications into Desktop applications.

Imagine Mozilla Prism runs on your cell phone (may be on J2ME). It enables you to interact with our web applications like they are part of your phone’s software.

It will be great if Mozilla Prism enables overwriting of some JS DOM events with the aim of communication between the cell phone features, the rest JS widgets and the JavaScript widget. Event-Driven architecture of widgets can be enabled this way.

There are many things that we can say about JS Widgets vs Small Java Apps. Why you think Linux, Mac OS, Windows Vista provide small application execution on your desktop.


Written by garabedyan

March 11, 2008 at 14:15

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  1. thanks much, bro


    March 25, 2008 at 03:37

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