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Virtual world as a place to meet and interact with people on web page

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This New Virtual World (known to me by the explaination of Marvin Minsky, MIT in a presentation “Searching the HAL”) will enable people to meet in real time with other users browsing the same content and work in groups (interact in groups around the web).
Google Docs enables people to collaborate on editing one document in real time, by analogy, the above is browsing in collaboration.

Imagine you are browsing and you saw a page which content, functionality or whatever is interesting to you. You want to meet with people out there like you which are visiting this page just right now in the moment (in order to chat in real time with them) or in the past and left a comment, rating, reference or whatever (in order to read, change (wiki philosophy) or write your own on the base of theirs). You just want more from the web.
This can be impelemented by a browser toolbar (by collecting agreements of the participants about some privacy policy and other permission). Visitors can connect between each other in real time. Change some data (RDF data in example) about the page in a public Wiki generated page about the browsed content (if the content on the page is dynamic it is a little bit more complicated than the situation with a static web content). Connect with the authors of the browsed content.

When computers made things extremely fast and people started doing their tasks without bureaucracy they have lost the social contacts between other people doing the same thing. At this time psychologist started examining that using computers is making user to lose its social behavior skills. I think that this loose is not reasonable, technology can keep the social contact in every computer task.

Interact and present your iteration to other people in real time with the page (content) by surfing it and providing additional content (audio, video, text, web links). Or just being a spectator of the others presentations on the content. Like they all sit next to you and show you how they browse the web.

MyBlogLog is a Yahoo!’s tool which enables visitors to see the recent visitors, but MyBlogLog doesn’t enable interaction in groups with the web page.

An interesting in the topic of the post is a new Microsoft Research’s product called SearchTogether (author of the idea: Meredith Ringel Morris).

Google Talk ChatBack is a tool which enables blog owners to insert a JS app in their blogs and this way let visitors to chat directly to them.

Social networking as a possible platform for such a Virtual World interactions
Imagine you are in a virtual room and meet there with a friend. In the room is a ball, so you pick it up, make it like a flower and throw it to your friend. Your friend catches it and makes of it a football ball and kicks it to you.

Meeting with other web visitors which visit the same content is a social connection. Social networking has a big data base with peoples, it only needs to present a toolbar (browser plug-in) which enables people to “meet” each other on the web.

In a virtual library where you take a book, go next to your friend, point some paragraph of it, create a abstract virtual model (with some mashup tools, i.e. drawing apps) of what the paragraph was about, step by step as the text explains (and all these steps are viewed by your friend) and show how the model will behave further (depending on the subject of your meeting). The wonderful thing is that your friend(s) will be able to watch the all process and interrupt you (if it is needed) and interact with the model by their own. I hope that this can be enabled by technology which is not dependent of the content of the web.

Public Web applications (wiki, blog, etc) are created with the idea to let visitors to interact with the others visitors’ work. Why don’t you let visitors interact in groups with the all web content. (with a toolbar or browser plug-in, not a web site).

Imagine the web as a virtual library of many virtual objects (papers, web applications and so on) and you took your friend and present him some application, the same interactions with it are supposed to be viewed from your friend’s monitor.

New: German company Weblin provided users with avatars by which they can surf the web. When a web user visits a web page he meets with the rest people in the network of Weblin visiting the same page at this moment. Users can chat in private or with the all visitors of the concrete web page.

— Added on 26 September 2008

The 3D future, according to Microsoft: A Photosynth-based “Spatial Web”


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March 8, 2008 at 11:24

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  1. […] I think that by letting people with similar queries to meet each other in real time through the search engine service will give the needed feedback for the managers of the searching engine and will let users to speak with each others about their search and do in their own way to guess new more precise queries. Executing the newly guessed queries have to be made by the only one collaborator but all the users to see the results (idea is related to Virtual world as a place to meet and interact with people on web page). […]

  2. Well written article.


    November 10, 2008 at 19:21

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