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Zoho Creator and the Future of the Commercial Web

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If Zoho Creator has a component about Price (money transfer) and this component enables the visitor to enter private information without the creator of the form to be able to get this information.

Internet and transferring money through it aren’t designed to apply the general open policy of the Web. In order to open an Internet store you must have your own server with additional technologies installed on it. Even then you are technologically free to access information about your buyers and this way break the law (i.e. credit card information). Buyers knew that and try to recognize secure stores in the Internet by trusting on friends and media advises.
Selling and buying something on the Internet doesn’t seem very secure at all.

First, the seller have to provide a secure connection. He have to explain well what are the product offers and how the price differs.
The buyer should be sure that the seller will not take more money that the offer says. The buyer have to be secure that the numbers of the credit cards wouldn’t be saved and after the transaction used again.
Both the buyer and the seller have to establish a secure web connection disabling any hacker intervention which can steal a password by sniffing or by using technology holes on the server (e.x: XSS). It is a lot of technology work to be done in order to establish a service which works with credit cards on your web page.

Why don’t you use Zoho Creator like application which will not allow the seller to say one price and then transfer different, which will not allow the both sides to know each other’s private information. But to know only the information that they was agreed to transfer and what the law says.

The reason Zoho Creator will beat the rest application in the field of Internet money transactions is that Zoho Creator enables to its users (the sellers) to fully explain (implement) their offers by presenting them into form based applications, easily built with non-developer skills.
Zoho Creator enables a more natural and dynamic conversation between the buyer and the seller, the seller is not forced to have its own server in order to implement there its offers strategy (business strategy) which is based on the buyer’s accounts (promotions to big clients and so on) and many different circumstances.

Future suggestions
Implementing SOA (WSDL- Web services description language) to every service and controlling them through SOA, too, will enable to create and wire a complicated application just on the web. If Zoho provides this ability of executing WSDL requests, it can turn Zoho Creator into a powerful coordinator of on-line business.

More major opportunities
There is one major difference between real life juridical rights and real life ones. In the virtual world the speed of browsing different content (surfing) is higher in such a way that the user is not able to read/ understand the contracts between him and all of the web apps/ sites he visits. Going this way it is not right to judge someone about something that he is not aware of, something which is not on his control (i.e. authors right and MP3 music sharing, Spywares programs (products)- software that steals your personal information while you use it).

Using forms and animations (created with Zoho Creator) the owners of the web sites and applications will explain in deep what is the contract between the user and the application.
The user can be presented with options of choosing contract (anonymity in example) and other with explained benefits of them.


Written by garabedyan

March 6, 2008 at 13:44

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