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IP address is a personal data

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There was a debate about treating IP address as a personal information.

I share the opinion that the IP address is a personal data.

We all know that there exists networks which have one gateway and all network computers use the IP address of the gateway in order to identify themselves in the WWW. But this doesn’t mean that if the IP address is used by a group of people it (the IP address) stops to be a personal data. If in this cases the IP address doesn’t contain any kind of personal information I don’t see a problem in treating them as personal information.

If we take the name as an example of personal information, this three strings of characters aren’t unique, you need to know more things about somebody in order to find him. Lets make analogy to the IP address, there can be many machines which use one IP address and some conditions have to be met in order to find the exact person behind the machine. As the name remains private data, the IP address have to be a private data, too.
You can’t be sure that an IP address as the name are unique referrals to somebody.

I now that the IP address contains in its own special information about the country, the city and the ISP of the machine which caries this particular IP. If you want to make some statistics or present special content to people from different geographical locations there is no problem to write down this three information components and erase the IP address.

Storing the IP address for a long period of time can allow you to collect some information about the user if some technical circumstances are met, which information is approved by the law as private.

Why don’t you get the information that you need from the IP address and then delete the address.


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January 26, 2008 at 12:09

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