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Web 2.0 Looking Like an Operating System, Some Things that Ought to be Done

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YouTube video naming cuttings( Case Study on YouTube’s Interface )

One of the things I like in Graphical Operating Systems is that they try to understand what are the user needs. If we look at this video list (on the left), I really can’t understand what are they about. Making Web 2.0 looking more powerful and a first competitor of the Operating Systems, it (Web 2.0) needs to present to the user with as much information as needed in an easy way. Imagine you mouse over the video link and see its all name, not the short version anymore. Isn’t it a great web interface-user interaction.




Scroll BarYou can see on the left a custom designed scroll bar for viewing video lists. (which control can be used for presenting even every big list)

While you explore a list of videos the page presents you the ability to click on “See all ** videos” link which opens you a new page containing the all videos from the viewed category, author or whatever.

The idea of this User Interface Control is to let user get as much items as he wants from the huge amount of items that exists on the server (or wherever). Of course at some moment you will get interested in the videos and viewing them this way in a small list will not satisfy you, so it is good to have down to the list a link which will drive you to a page which contains in general the video list (like now YouTube does) of course not from the begging but on place where you stopped using the list box.

The control doesn’t present the user with the ability to undo some adding or remove the last items from the loaded list.

Horizontal Scroll While watching a very long video (i.e. 52 min long) you will realize that the scroll bar of the video will get practically unusable. This custom scroll bar enables setting a step which helps you navigate around.

These two scroll bars are able to be combined in one universal scroll bar.

The controls are able to be implemented by JavaScript and Ajax.

It would be cool to comment a concrete scene from movie, not the all one. In such a way to search around long time movies.

I believe that the trend of Web 2.0 have to be making users keep everything about one topic in one page. There is no need of many tabs to do just one thing. People want to place everything about some their work on one page. In web developers’ prospective this will help them to understand a lot of things about the user and how he is using theirs page and about what. Just help him and/ or give him an ad.


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