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“Design patterns” or just Implementation Patterns

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Having in mind the best-seller of Gang of Four, Design Patterns.

Design patterns are a big achieve in the Object-Oriented programming. They settle down a new era of finding, describing and collecting recipes about composing objects. But are they really helpful in Object Design or are only part of the implementation process and provide developers to use a level of abstraction fulfilled with ability of fast and easy recomposition and use of the business logic of the system.

GoF, Design Patterns is presenting examples about the implementation of the listed pattern in C++ programming language. Now a lot of people are sure that any concrete pattern have to be written in the programming language it is going to be used. I can’t agree that Object Design have to deal with problems from the abstraction class of programming languages and implementation.

Design Patterns according to me are one level over drawing objects and naming attributes, but both UML techniques and design patterns are the final product of Object design and they in their own doesn’t contain design, but only implementation of the technology needs of the roles, responsibilities and collaborations between already designed objects.

“Design in its nature is a human act of recognizing and well translating the important (needed for the purpose of the system) parts of one or more phenomenons from the phenomenons area of existence to an artificial system-world.” Written in the page About me.

I think we all know that the technique of translation examined in the paragraph above is upgradeable and we see this upgrade in the history of Object Design, which in past was only Design and Object-Oriented programming wasn’t invented.


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January 23, 2008 at 16:34

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