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Open Science Licenses allowing earning money by selling printed copies of works

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Open community and open science is the most interesting and dynamic phenomenon of our information world. I believe that licenses licensing Open * (whatever) works have to enable printing establishments to make copies of the work and sold them. We all know that one paper copy is not free and when one thing is on paper it is more easily manageable.

I hope that in the Open science licenses is able to be placed a formula which calculates the maximum cost of one paper copy basing on the information in the work by establishing some basic printing contracts (like minimum words on page) . I hope this formula will encourage everyone to make more copies of the work in order to reach low cost of a single copy and this way popularize open science (community) and the science in its own. If it is needed it can be prepared special licenses explaining the exact printing scheme but still letting the work to be changed and updated in the manner of open science (community). May be placing some special regulations which tells where to be placed the name of the author and the license information will be a good idea because we will know the type of the document, not just every electronic one, but a paper copy.

I hope that when this happens in the licenses will be added even more restrictions explaining how to manage the history of changes of the paper in order it to look as a regular book. I believe that licenses will grow and become even bigger than a common contract between an author(s) and a publisher.


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September 21, 2007 at 16:13

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