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Mobile phones close to computers? Is now time to change the Use case.

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Short story
I have got SonyEricsson K310i. Once while I was chatting with a friend of mine, he gave me his mobile phone number. So I started writing it in the Contact list but suddenly I have received a phone call from him and this pauses the process of adding his number and causes popping up a dialog box asking me did I want to answer his call or not. At this time I was just going to save his contact by pressing “Save” but “Save” button turns into “Answer” and I actually answered his phone call.

Possible user scenario
I don’t find it useful to see pop-up dialog box of phone call with possible choices while you are doing something on your phone. I think that it is not a good manner to provide the user with an active choice while he is interacting with his phone. I think that the dialog box at this situations have to not receive commands at the first 1 up to 2 seconds from its appearance. When this period of time goes by, the phone have to allow the user to make his choice.

iPhone in example, when the phone receives an ansync event, a dialog box is popped up, but because the all screen of iPhone is touch screen, the buttons of the popped up dialog are placed on different locations from the previous buttons of the application before the async event.

Using Data collected from the phone User Interactions
Mobile phones should save every event (even the pressing of the buttons in order to see what time is it) with the particular moment of its happening, this can turn them into a portable diary by letting user add note when some idea or something happened. Presenting this all data can be a useful toll to calculate what time what he was doing, only saving what time a comment is added isn’t enough to determine the time period of work.

Many phones have profiles which set specific phone options. Some general profiles are ‘Home’, ‘Meeting’, ‘In car’, ‘Outdoors’, ‘Handsfree’, ‘Office’, ‘Normal’ and can be added additional profiles. Calculating the time period in which these profiles are set can give a lot of information about the stress of the phone owner. Special application can advise the phone owner to have a rest if it is needed if additional data about what kind of work the user is doing and with how many people. By using what time of the day what profile is set, what time the phone is charged, the phone can conclude many things.


Written by garabedyan

August 13, 2007 at 19:01

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