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I believe in the open community everyone can express his thoughts no matter of his religion, nationality, social rank… The virtual world is a parallel world where people can work more productively because of their and others anonymity. Virtual reality is a place where developers discuss only their object of science discovery/work.

I want to explain my opinion about the science in this meaning.

I think that science in this places is concerned in two aspects:

1. theoretical (white papers, documentations)

Ideas, suggestions, research papers. Produced by a small group of people who know themselves.

2. practical (software- open source in general)

Implementation of some ideas from the upper aspect. Produced by a large group of developers who don’t know themselves.

About the second aspect there are many licenses which are juridically formed documents defining the possible iterations with the object (open source code and open source program) and its output.

But I think that the first aspect is not as well defined and regulated as the second one. I find the theoretical aspect of Open Science containing few licenses satisfying the need of juridical regulation of the community.

I think that the theoretical aspect of the thinks is in the genesis of on work and the practical implementation as a logical growth of the project/product/work. In sense of open community I think that it is possible and very efficient the theoretical part of one work to be done by one author and the practical implementation with other. I find it appropriate to have a juridical regulation between this authors and the papers or/and software they are writing. In other words an author of a theoretical paper have the right to restrict the possible practical implementation of its idea to be licensed in some kind and the authors rights of the practical implementation to not be carried by the implementator but by some open source organization (it is possible to create an open source product and do not publish it but use it; you are free as an owner of the full copyright rights of the implementation to use it for your purposes).

Examples of this kind of architecture i find in There the problem of publishing is solved by centralized server storing the encyclopedia and sharing it licensed under one license not choose and implemented by the group of authors editing the encyclopedia but by the authors of GNU Free Documentation License

I believe that authors of theoretical papers have to have the right to choose the conditions of using their works (choosing license). I believe that the implementation of the theoretical work have to be first published to the author/forum where the theoretical paper was published and then used by someone (no matter is he has implemented the work or not). And this scenario have to be defined in juridical form in order to be able to be obeyed by many developers/researchers all around the world.

I think that it is good to enable many researchers not knowing each others to work on one work and use the stuff done by the rest of the researchers on the work. Applying the cooperation between developers group to the researchers one. I find it important to ensure this cooperations in order to keep the authors wishes like adding acknowledgments, licensing the work based on this research (future researches and implementations) only with Open Science licenses (and the man/company implementing this idea(s) to not carry the author rights on the implementation).

I believe that there have to be a paper format and software product dealing with this format. This combination have to enable fast and easy convert of any kind of white paper into paragraphs, sentences, words… able to be copied and pasted easy and fast and this operations are made by automatically obeying the first authors wishes like adding the acknowledgments (text with editing protection) and/or other custom text somewhere to every other paper containing any part of the first paper which is changed or not. Automatically numbering the chapters and the illustrations, charts and so on in the chapters. Ability of adding the number of a figure,chart or some other resource somewhere like a special word and when the figure is moved from the original place the number to be updated on the figure and on the places where it is used as a special word.

It is important this software to provide viewing the history graph of the changes occurred in the paper with every particular change.
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